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The Right Lenses For Your Sunglasses

The idea of sunglasses is older than some people may realize, and the earliest models were found in 12th century China. Back then, sunglasses protected the wearer’s eyes from glare of the sun’s light, and they could help hide a person’s face during a court of law. By the 20th century, sunglasses as we know them fully appeared, mainly in the Air Force. And now, sunglasses nearly always have polarized lenses, and polarized lenses for sunglasses vary in protection and color based on preference and need. Even half frame sunglasses can be found, and these lenses for sunglasses can be repaired or replaced at a local eyewear shop. The best polarized lenses will have the highest UV protection rating, and these lenses for sunglasses can be used nearly anywhere. What is there to know about the origin of today’s polarized lenses for sunglasses and mirrored sunglasses?

Developing Sunglasses

Eye protection has exis

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