3 Things To Do In Onsie Pajamas Have the Time of Your Life, Comfortably

Womens footed sleepware

You may not have noticed it explicitly, but when you think about the phrase “adult onesie pajamas” you’ll realize that this unique PJ choice has been creeping into your consciousness.

You may have heard about the huge onesie pajama party hosted by South by Southwest in March of 2012, where 309 adults in footed adult pajamas jammed all night long, or seen advertisements for the comfortable lounge wear in the sidebar of your search engine.

You may even have a friend, or know of someone, who is a fervent devotee of the footed wonders. The reasons are straightforward and simple– the PJs are wildly comfortable, insanely cozy, and temptingly convenient.

If those aren’t good enough reasons for you to consider wearing onesies pajamas, reflect on the many places one is able to wear them:

To Bed…
This may seem a tad obvious, but having a pair of all-encompassing, totally warm PJs will make a monumental difference to your life. If you are one of the 74% of Americans who wear PJs to bed, but also fall into the category of 61% of survey respondents who said they don’t have many bed wear options, it may be time to widen your horizons and check out the latest and greatest in sleep wear.

To a Party
Onesies are great blank canvases, ready to be adorned or dressed up to fit whatever ticket. For any theme or costume party, consider adding ears and a tail for an animal costume, painting your face for a mime, or any number of other creative options.

In the Car
Now that you can see some of the many options available for this versatile form of sleepwear, doesn’t it seem more tempting? For families, matching pajama onesies might be the way to go, for personalized gifts, printed pajamas onesies could express some of that persons real individuality.

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