5 Things to Do at the Spa

Hair removal

Treating yourself to a spa day sounds absolutely wonderful until you find out how much that is going to cost. In order to still take advantage of having the day to yourself and having a babysitter, perhaps you could pick one or two things in order to make yourself feel a little better. Here are some things that you can get done at most spas. Of course, you’ll have to check their specific menu in order to find out details and pricing for the services.

Chemical Peels
Chemical peels are done much like a facial except that the products that are used at designed to balance out the pH of your facial skin. Chemicals peels are often used in order make the skin look better. They can be done on the face, neck, hands and sometimes bag. The chemical solution that is used, exfoliates the skin over the course of a day or two and then peels, taking the old, dead skin cells with it. The new skin is usually less wrinkled and smoother in appearance. Chemical peels are more common as people get older.
BR>Hair Removal
If you are willing to pay for it, this could be laser hair removal or it could be threading, waxing or other temporary forms of hair removal depending on how much you want to pay. There are often payment options and discounts available for laser hair removal if this is something that you wanted to try. It’s a fairly painful procedure, much like a rubber band being snapped on your skin over and over as the laser kills the hair follicles. However, it’s worth it if you really hate shaving and having hair. It will make it so that you rarely ever have to shave your legs or whichever area you decide to have laser hair removal preformed on.

This is probably on the most relaxing ways to spend your day. Massages are paid for by time frames and you can do as short as half an hour to 90 minutes, two hours or more. 90 minutes is the most common as it’s not too expensive and offers the right amount of time to really work on your body. There are different types of massages that you can get done as well. If you are just trying to treat yourself, then you probably want to stick to Swedish massages that are mostly for relaxation and getting out surface knots in your back and legs and shoulders. Anything more intense needs to be a regular event until your body is noticing the benefits.

Botox lasts about three months or so and is used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the face. Crows feet and laugh lines are most commonly treated with botox. Again, this is not a cheap procedure and you probably won’t want to get this done on a whim. Botox is something that you should think about and determine whether or not this is something that you want to do. It’s not a permanent fix so the worst that can happen is that you don’t like it and you allow your muscles to go back to normal within a few months. However, the bigger problem is getting addicted to it and then getting it done so much that it starts to look unnatural. You’ll have to find a good medium.

This is another procedure that is done that is much like the chemical peels mentioned above. However, no chemicals are used in this type of facial. Microcrystals are sprayed onto the skin in order to get rid of the outermost layer of skin cells which are dead and dry. These outer skin cells can make your face look older than it is and offer no help for a smooth skin appearance. Once that first layer of skin is removed, it will reveal a much younger and healthier looking layer of skin.

The important thing is really not how much you spend or what you get done while you’re there. The most important thing is that you have the time to yourself and feel better about yourself when it’s all over. That way you can return to your family and life to take proper care of it and be productive.

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