Adding to Your Fine Jewelry and Watch Collection? Explore Local Custom Designers!

Local jewelers

Every year, 38 million Americans shop for and purchase fine jewelry and watches. Whether these items are gifts for themselves or for others, shoppers may prefer traditional pieces, custom jewelry, or a combination of both. Most lovers of fine jewelry tend to collect pieces by their favorite designers or explore the work of new designers.

Since there are so many different cuts and hues available, diamond jewelry continues to be a popular choice. Almost a third of the individuals that purchase diamond rings and other jewelry set with diamonds are willing to spend over $1,000.00. When you fall in-love with a specific piece, the price may not matter at all.

Millennials of both genders have a more positive attitude toward diamonds created in a lab. This is because 80% of the adults within this age group believe purchasing responsibly-sourced jewelry is important. It’s interesting to note that the national average is roughly 66% on this issue.

Whether you prefer diamonds or other precious stones and gems, you may often feel yourself drawn to jewelry stores that feature custom jewelry designs. If you have an idea in mind, or have drawn up a few sketches, you can consult with a custom jeweler to create a unique piece of jewelry just for you or a loved one.

At times engagement rings and wedding bands need to be resized, stones become chipped or lost, and watch faces may become cracked. When this occurs, it’s important to know that there is a jewelry repair shop close to you. When you need a simple form of jewelry repair, such as replacing the clasp on a strand of pearls or creating a pin for an antique broach, a custom jeweler can handle this for you as well.

While you’re waiting to pick up your repaired items, why not savor this time by exploring all of the other jewelry at the shop? If you have a birthday, wedding anniversary, or other special occasion coming up, this would be the perfect time to shop for these and other gifts.

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