Are You Tired of the Hassle of Taking Commercial Flights?

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The pictures are amazing. A horizon swimming pool that appears to virtually vanish into the Mediterranean Sea. An ice hut that allows spectacular views of the Northern Lights. A bridge that disappears into the mist as it crosses a tropical forest and then reappears on the other side of a deep cavern.
The lists are all over the internet. The 10 top swimming pools everyone must visit. The 10 top beaches that everyone should add to their bucket list. The 10 most unique hotels around the world. The 10 most beautiful bridges in the world.
And with all of these destinations, the common denominator that must be decided is how to reach these locations. The most popular option for reaching many of these destinations is commercial airlines. And while commercial flights may work for the majority of the traveling public, discerning travelers opt for a more elevated travel choice. Charter jet company services are a popular option for travelers who value their time and their privacy.
Aircraft Charter Services Provide Private Flying Options
It should come as no surprise that 30% of Americans who answered a recent poll by TripAdvisor indicated that comfortable seating is the biggest improvement commercial airlines could make. Fortunately, charter jet company options allow plenty of excellent seating options. In fact, one of the main advantages of charter jet company flights is that private seating options are just that. Private. No more three people smashed into the same row. In many private jet charters, in fact, commercial airline first class seating arrangements look miniscule.
Comfortable seating also allows charter jet company passengers the opportunity to work quietly while traveling. One if the biggest hassles about commercial flights is the interruption to a work day. The meeting where a passenger is traveling may be important, but usually not more important than everything else that traveler has to do.
Comfortable, roomy seating with access to power outlets and other business necessities mean that custom jet charter services allow passengers to work while they are in the air. No close neighbors looking over shoulders and interrupting work with meaningless conversation. And, if conversation is necessary, ample seating allows for small group meetings on board. It should come as no surprise that travelers rated themselves as 20% more productive when flying on company aircraft than when they are in the office. Their counterparts flying on commercial airlines, however, reported a 40% drop in their productivity.
Charter Flights Save Travelers Time and Money
One of the biggest advantages to flying by private jet is the amount of time that can be saved. Without the long security lines that sometimes bring flights to a stand still, private jets are still able to assure the safety of traveling passengers. Additionally, private jets fly out of less crowded airports and make parking and baggage much faster.
A typical two hour flight on a commercial airline includes arriving at least one hour to 30 minutes before the flight leaves. Unfortunately, the way travel has been going during the summer of 2016, arriving two hours early is not always enough. After landing, commercial flight passengers still have to deal with the unloading process of a crowded plane as well as crowded terminals, baggage claim areas, and parking garages. Most of these wait times can be avoided by flying on a private jet.
And while private jet travel may seem initially more expensive, a close examination indicates savings of money as well as time. With the convenience of getting to schedule the flights when they are needed, private jet passengers can often avoid car rentals and overnight hotel stays. In many cases the reason travelers stay over night is they simply cannot get a return flight on the same day they travel for a meeting. Commercial airlines have rigid schedules that cannot be altered; private airline jets have control of their own flight plans and arrival and departure times.
The Number of Americans Flying Continues to Increase
The average American business aircraft passenger has taken as many as 15 business trips involving air travel in the past six months. The number of both business and leisure travelers continues to increase. And while many travelers have the time and patience to deal with commercial airlines, others demand a more efficient form of airline travel.

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