Back to the Future The Evolution of Camouflage

Camo baby bedding

These days, camouflage clothing for men and women has become so popular that it seems like just about everyone is going camo clad — and they are — as if they were going to attend some kind of camouflage party. The truth is, they might actually be!

Although civilian camouflage clothes have their roots in military, they’ve grown far beyond their wartime origins to become both a political and fashion statement that appears on the scene time and time again. For many, camouflage has grown to become representative of their lifestyle, especially those who are avid hunters or outdoor enthusiasts.

Camouflage, however, continues to evolve and rapidly so. As camouflage continues to grow in popularity, so too do the number of various camouflage goods consumers can buy outside of clothing. Yes, a camouflage party is kind of a real thing in that camo weddings are actually quite popular. Of course, you can’t have a true camo wedding without a camo wedding dress and camo wedding cake, both of which are also quite popular.

However, as Memorial Day rapidly approaches, it doesn’t hurt to take a stroll down memory lane in order to truly and fully appreciate camouflage’s military roots. Although the French seem to naturally have an eye for fashion, when they commissioned two artists to create a pattern that would allow their forces to blend into the surrounding forest during World War II, they weren’t trying to make a fashion statement or start a new trend. They were simply trying to adapt to modern warfare while gaining the advantage of the element of surprise. It goes without saying that the pattern was a success.

As for the future of this versatile pattern, that has yet to be seen. However, scientists are working diligently to create a kind of dynamic or responsive camouflage that uses synthetic squid protein to blend into its surrounding. Pretty neat, huh?

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