California Inspires 2014’s Hottest Fashion Trends

California vintage clothing

California — with its beautiful weather and lush greens — is inspiring some of the latest and hottest fashion trends of 2014. Some of the styles debuted at New York City’s recent Fashion Week; others are already in stores. Here’s your guide to dressing in the hottest California fashions:

Flowing Button Down Shirts

Designers are altering the rigid lines of the classic button down and adapting them for California comfort. The fashion forward clothing is loose, flowing, and comfortable. Light, flowing fabric evokes the smooth and beloved waves native to California. The softer fabric and seams are much more feminine than traditional dress shirt.

Glamour magazine recommends making a bold statement, with the same loose, button down shirts in bright, contrasting colors. “The crisp, menswear-inspired dress shirt enjoys a makeover with inventively cool, contrasting color and/or textured collars and cuffs. This elevated wardrobe essential is perfect for sneakily kicking up your work outfit,” Glamour says.
Hippie, Laid Back Pieces

“[Michael] Kors’ inspiration for the collection was actually Big Sur, not Los Angeles, and the clothes were definitely more northern California than southern, especially the fringed skirts, which had a hippie vibe. There were also long `70s-inspired dresses with a laid-back feel,” CBS reports. Michael Kors is not the only one inspired by hippie prints, a laid back attitude, and comfy clothes for women.

Finish the winter with soft, bulky sweaters paired with fitted sweatpants. Kick off spring California fashion trends in loose, flowing floor-length or high-low skirts.

Shift Blouses

Shift blouses are another one of the season’s hottest California fashion trends. Glamour continues, “Almost like a dressy version of a T-shirt, the shift blouse is easy (but so much more sophisticated!). The near-elbow-length sleeve and boxy silhouette keep the look flattering and versatile. Have some fun with extra details, like exciting prints, luxurious textures, and varying necklines.” Like flowing button downs and hippie-inspired items, shift blouses boast a comfortable, laid back fit.

Evoke the gentle waves and a laid back California vacation without making the trip. Choose from the seasons hottest California fashion trends, including shift blouses, hippie-inspired dresses, and flowing button down shirts. Learn more at this link.

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