City Walkers The Best Shoes for Hitting the Pavement

Comfortable walking boot

Walking, it comes as no surprise, is the most popular aerobic activity there is. As many as six in 10 adults report walking 10 minutes or more in the past week. But not all types of walking are the same. When you go hiking in the woods, for example, you obviously want good trail walking shoes or light hiking boots. But what about for those “hikes” in the concrete jungle?

Taking good care of your feet is just as important when you’re walking around a city as it is in the woods. You may not realize it, but you can put miles and miles on your shoes as you’re actively walking to work, the metro station, or the grocery store. At the same time, you need to look stylish. Office dress codes may have relaxed in recent years, but it’s still not always acceptable to walk in with a pair of hiking sandals.

That said, here are our top picks for city walking shoes that combine comfort, function, and style, all on one foot.

  • Paraboot: This French brand has been making high-quality shoes since 1908 that are especially built for durable, long wear over lots of miles. Some Paraboot favorites are the Chambord, the Chelsea, and the Princeton for men; the Dali, Chantilly, and Majestic for women.
  • Mephisto: Many Mephistos are sleek enough to pass for office wear but comfortable enough to wear on the street, making the transition from day to night simpler than ever. They can be pricey, but many people swear by them, claiming they last for ten years or more.
  • Red Wing Heritage: This brand has a more rugged, outdoorsy feel but is still chic enough for city living. The Chelseas are a favorite, and they offer many tall boot selections for women.

Chances are if you’re a big nature lover, you have all the walking boots you need. But if you’re looking to blend into a new kind of landscape — one that involves more skyscrapers, perhaps — then it’s best to find a solid pair of shoes that can hold up to the miles. One good investment can serve you for a long time. To learn more, read this.

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