Clopay Garage Door Installation

Are you getting renovations done around the house? Looking for an easy project to do in a day? Why not look into what it takes to install garage door?

Although this project can seem daunting, don’t call the 24 hour garage door repair company quite yet. When it comes to the cost of garage door repair, you can actually save a lot by getting it done yourself. A commercial garage door company may try to skim a lot off the top of the job to take money away from you for something you could’ve easily done yourself.

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What you need to do first is to take the old system out. Garage doors get installed onto rails that should be very easy for you to put a new garage onto. Once you get the door out, measure the opening of the door to get the dimension you are looking for. Don’t measure the old door because the measurements of the garage door are made to match the opening, not an existing door. Once you get those measurements, get the garage door you want and get it installed!

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