Four Types of Couples that Could Benefit from Hiring an Event Planner

Wedding receptions

Anyone that has ever planned a wedding knows the amount of time and detail that it requires. If you ask any previous bride for wedding planning advice, you will find that many recommend hiring an event planning company. Event planners are not just for the rich or famous couple that does not want to be bothered with planning a wedding. Actually, the following people could also benefit from using an event planner.

The working couple

There are more households with two working adults than ever before. It can be difficult to meet with multiple vendors and schedule numerous appointments around you and your spouse to be?s work schedules. Wedding receptions often take place in a venue and it is likely that you will have to view numerous ones before finding the perfect one. Some couples worry about handing all control over the event planner. With 40% of brides and grooms to be looking for unusual venues that better reflect their personality, giving up control of the wedding receptions location can be difficult. Fortunately, hiring an event planner does not mean that you have to give up all planning control. It simply means that you can pick and choose the planning aspects that are the most important to you and your spouse.

The out of state couple

Many couples choose to get married out of state. This could be a destination wedding or it could be the couple?s hometown. Either way, it is impossible to fly back and forth to handle all of the out of state planning tasks. Hiring an event planner that is located in wedding destination can be extremely valuable. Each weekend, an average of 44,230 weddings take place. Hiring an event planner to handle some of the details, such as the wedding receptions location and the minor details, can be useful for out of state couples.

The couple with a family

There are a growing number of couples that are choosing to start a family before getting married today. Raising children is a tough job and it can easily get in the way of planning a wedding. Working with an event planner can help you handle planning tasks like the weddings receptions location and the catered weddings chef. You will appreciate not having to drag your young children to every meeting. You can focus on the more important tasks of the wedding and leave everything else to your planner.

The couple that just wants to enjoy their special day

The purpose of your wedding day is to celebrate your new marriage to your spouse. When you get too caught up in the minor details or planning events of the day, you can easily lose sight of this. Hiring an event planner can reduce the common stressors of the day and allow you to focus on what is important, you and your new spouse. There are many couples when asked the one thing they would change about their wedding reception that respond that they wished they had hired an event planner. Additionally, about 50% of women find planning their wedding more stressful than they imagined. Hire an event planner, be involved in the details that are important to you, ignore the ones that are not, and celebrate your new marriage.

You don?t have to be loaded or a busy executive to hire a wedding planner. Wedding planners offer many different packages to couples of all budgets and handle wedding receptions, venue selections, and all of the details involved in planning a wedding event. They remove the stress from an event that should not be so stressful. Event planners are perfect for busy working couples, those with young children, couples that live out of state, and those that simply want to enjoy the most important day of their life.

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