How to buy an engagement ring

When you want to become engaged, you need to find an impressive engagement ring. There are many different types of rings as well as different types of jewelers that you can pick from. Some people want to save as much money as they can and don’t want to spend a lot on the engagement ring. They can then choose from among the many artificial diamond engagement rings that cost far less but look almost the same. Just because you want to shop for beautiful engagement rings for women doesn’t mean you have to spend a boatload of money on it.

If you want to spend a lot of money on the best engagement ring possible, you can go to a boutique jeweler like Tiffany and Co. The average price of Tiffany engagement ring will be many thousands of dollars, but there are some designs that will cost less than others. You can get a beautiful ladies ring for less if you go to a less expensive jewelers store. There are always small jewelry shops that can accommodate your budget for the engagement ring. This can help you to get what you want, with a few compromises, and to get it all done within your budget.

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If you are thinking of buying an engagement ring, you should realize that the task is not that simple. Considering that it is not just a gift and considering that there seem to be so many requirements into buying one, it is really very easy to make mistakes. You simply do not want an awkward moment when you propose, which commonly happens when men bought rings that do not fit. And most certainly you want your fiance to be genuinely pleased with your choice. So to help you buy the right engagement ring, here are some engagement ring buying tips.

The first thing really is to make sure that you have her size. The most common mistake men commit when buying engagement ring is to guessing the size of the ring. If you have to sneak into her closet a thief in order to borrow her ring, do so. Really, a slipping a wrong sized ring will spoil the romance when you propose. So even if you can have it resize later, you and your fiance would want to remember that night as one of the most romantic moments of your life together. Remember, buying an engagement ring is like buying her shoes. You really have to have her exact size.

Once you have her size, you have to make sure that you do not come cheap. Although love is not about money and showing off, this time you have to at least show that you can afford to buy her an engagement ring that is more expensive than what she, and the rest of the world, would expect from you. Why? Because it would show that you have really saved money for it because she deserves something that is worth a treasure. As for the rest of the world, they will see that you are very financially capable individual. Her family for instance would be impressed and would be at peace with her decision to marry you. So how much should the ring cost? Generally, it is two months worth your salary.

Third, make sure that you buy an engagement ring that matches her style. What you have to ask here is whether she is the type of woman who prefers really feminine and traditional jewelry or is she more on the more casual style. If you cannot say, then seek the help of her friends. They can very well tell you the type of ring that she would love. Now, from the style of the ring, you are now ready to buy her an engagement ring. When buying diamond, remember, the clearer and the more it sparkles the, the better. This means steer away from the yellowish ones and the ones that do not give enough sparkle. They are lower grade diamonds.

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