How to Care for Your Linen Sheet Easily at Home

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The linen fabric is popular for its durability and strength, which is twice that of cotton and three times that of wool. It is even more comfortable to sleep on for those who love enjoying a sound night’s sleep. So, if you have a linen sheet, you should be thanking yourself for getting such a lovely option. But then, there are even more care tips that you can use to improve the longevity of your linen sheets.

Tips for Washing

When the sheets are new, make sure you wash them before using to prevent pilling. Always wash the sheets separate from other products that feature polyester or other synthetics. Wash them in warm water and do not overload your washer to prevent fiber breakdown due to aggressive agitation. Mix the detergent with water prior to adding the sheets and never use fabric softeners while washing. This is because most detergents are not gentle enough to use on the fine fibers of linen. You can use a mild baby detergent or an option that is non-alkaline and doesn’t have brighteners. Additionally, no bleach is allowed even if it is labeled “safe bleach.”

How to Dry Your Flat Sheets

Nowadays, people tend to use hot dryers, which can break or change the nature of the linen fabric. The heat may also cause shrinking. The best way to dry them is air drying on a rack or the bed as this helps to maintain the luxurious feel. Europe is popular for its use of linen fabric and that’s why you will spot sheets hanging from the window. If you prefer ironing, do so while the sheets are still damp on the reverse side. If your linen sheet has lace or embroidery, place a terry towel on the ironing board before you iron.

To care for your linen bed sheets the right way, make sure you read the labels. When it calls for handwashing, then use the hands to wash. Delicate and antique linen sheets may also need to be washed in a different manner. If your linen is stained and you are unable to remove the stains, it is wise to seek the help of professional cleaners. When storing them, ensure you are not using plastic storage options are they will lead to yellowing of your sheets.

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