How to Make an Awesome, Custom, St Patrick’s Day Shirt

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St. Patrick’s Day might be the perfect opportunity to make cheap custom tee shirts promoting your business or event, but you need to make a killer design if you want people to even think about donning your custom tee on this most verdant of celebratory days. Here are a couple tips to help.

Don’t Choose an Emerald Green.

Emerald green is a bright, vibrant shade that will surely catch everyone’s eye, but on St. Patrick’s Day, the vast majority of people are going to be wearing emerald green custom tees, which sort of defeats the purpose. What’s the point of choosing an eye-catching color if it doesn’t catch people’s attention? Instead, make your custom tees forest green, light green, or mantis green so that those wearing your shirt stand out, and so your business or event gets noticed.

Incorporate Irish Imagery.

Just because you made your custom tees green doesn’t mean they’re St. Patrick’s Day themed. You’re going to have to do a bit more than that, and incorporate some Irish imagery in there. One of the best, simplest ways to do this is to simply design your custom tees so that they say “I (Shamrock) Your-Business.” It’s simple. It’s effective. It’ll work. Other Irish imagery you could use in your design includes Celtic crosses, and Celtic patterns.

Consider Spicing Things Up With Accent Colors.

Using only one color of ink is a great way to save money when making custom tees, but if you really want your design to stand out, consider throwing in some other, secondary colors into your design. Many brands will add orange and white to their cheap custom tees, which are the other two colors used on the Irish flag. If your shirt is already green, you can make the letters white and orange, which only adds one extra color, but makes the shirt much, much more eye-catching.

If you know of any other great ways to make an awesome, St. Patrick’s Day themed shirt, feel free to share in the comments.

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