How To Make Your Own Sea Glass Bracelet

Sea glass ring design

Walking along the warm sand and collecting colorful sea glass is one of the best parts of summer. As the season winds down, you collect your treasures in bowl or jar, place it upon a shelf, and look forward to next year’s beach hunts.

If your jar of colorful sea glass has you dreaming of sunshine and breezy days, craft it into a memory you can wear. Crafting your own sea glass bracelet is a lovely way to turn your treasures into a delicate piece of jewelry. While there are many types of sea glass bracelets, this DIY guide by The Sweet Occasion will show you how to many a “tiny slack” bracelet. This tasteful piece is a sweet addition to any outfit, adding a soft pop of color.


  • Jewlery Pliers
  • Sea Glass
  • Adhesive Craft Glue
  • Silver Chain (6 inches)
  • SmallSilver Jump Rings (6 per bracelet)
  • Lobster Clasps

  1. Select a piece of sea glass. Using a small amount of glue, attach a jump ring onto opposite sides of the same surface of the glass so that the ring is sticking out slightly from the glass. Allow the glue to completely dry overnight. Once it is dry, attach a small jump ring to the rings you previously glued.
  2. After cutting two pieces of silver chain, attach them to each small jump ring. Use trial and error by measuring your wrist and cutting the chain accordingly.
  3. Attach another small jump ring to one chain and a lobster clasp to the other. Repeat this process for as many bracelets as your would like to make.
  4. This delicate “tiny slack” bracelet is just one of many types of sea glass bracelets. Bracelets, however, are not the only form of beach glass jewelry that you can make. Consider getting creative with sea glass ring design or a sea glass necklace. Glue and drilling are the most common ways to attach sea glass to chains, clasps and bands. For necklaces, consider trying a wire wrapping technique, in which you wrap thin, metal wire around the pendent.

    Sea glass is truly a treasure, as most pieces are tossed around by the ocean waves for five to 50 years before becoming smooth. Crafting your beach finds into unique jewelry pieces will allow the glass to live on while you delicately show off your handiwork.

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