How You Can Make Affordable Wedding Flowers Fabulous

Autumn inspired wedding bouquet

Walking into a florist shop for the first time as a bride-to-be can be an incredibly stressful situation. You have so many choices in flowers, and the floral arrangements are just one small piece of the entire wedding that you need to focus on. If you’re looking for affordable wedding flowers, that stress can become even more evident. However, there are ways to not only make shopping for flowers less stressful, but to also spend a lot less money in the process!

First of all, when you first walk into a shop, you should have at least a vague idea f what you want. Even if it’s just a color or a style, it will narrow down the choices for you and make it easy for a florist to help you. If you need some inspiration, you can download numerous apps, or check out a florist online to get an idea of what they have in stock!

To find less expensive floral arrangements, you should try to look for hidden gems. For example, the Madonna lily is one of the oldest lilies in the world, and it’s also one of the most popular. So of course, that type of flower will be priced higher. Other popular options for flowers are red carnations, which represent deep love, or white carnations, to represent pure love. The way to save money is to find less popular flowers that have the same effect. You’ll achieve the beauty you were going for while saving money for the bigger things.

One thing you should definitely keep in mind is not underestimating your florist. They may be able to take flowers you never even thought of and turn them into gorgeous wedding bouquets, or take your wedding centerpiece ideas and help you cut the cost without changing the idea. Keep an open dialogue and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Just like you want to be proud of your wedding, florists want to be proud of their pieces.

With almost 36,613 florist businesses in America, surely you can find an option that works for your ideas and your budget. What do you think about these tips to find affordable wedding flowers? Were they helpful?

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