Outdoor Gear The Basics

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It’s pertinent that you have proper outdoor clothing when going on your next big outdoor adventure this summer. Although it may seen warm where you currently live, once you are exposed to the elements outside, you may find yourself unprepared.

According to Statista, the most popular outdoor activities in 2012 were hiking, camping, biking, and fishing — all outdoor activities that require some sort of specific clothing protection. Outdoor adventure stores (that sell camping gear and other recreational gear) should be partnered with outdoor clothing stores. Most companies who make clothing also make equipment, and visa versa.

The Canadian clothing industry generates roughly $260 million in annual revenue, though the high prices for equipment are often correlated with high quality brand names. Make sure to purchase clothing that fits your body and the outdoor activity you will be undertaking.

For example, surf clothing is different from a camping shirt. The first official surf contest took place at Corona Del Mar, California in 1928, and since then there have been many modifications to the sport — especially the apparel. Surf clothing stores often sell wetsuits, which are made from neoprene (a stretchy synthetic rubber material) and offer a protective layer against the cold oceans and potential coral reef hazards.

Hiking and camping clothing generally consists of clothes made from polypropolene and polyester. Polypropolene has been found to catch fire easily and melt, which, if you plan on camping, isn’t the best type of material to have near the campfire. Polyester, however, is generally preferred for tents. This material is stronger and lighter than most fabrics and is not only used for lightweight tents, but also backpacks. Any material that wicks water and sweat away easily is generally desired for outdoor clothing. Wool, for example, is excellent at wicking away moisture.

Whether you plan on taking a casual fishing trip or are trekking across the Canadian arctic landscape, having the proper equipment and outdoor clothing is essential for safety, survival, and comfort. It’s best to splurge on high end equipment rather than have the cheaper equipment fail on you while on your trip. So make the right investment when it comes to outdoor gear.

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