Put Your Best Foot Forward With the Help of Personal Shoppers

Mens casual trousers

You may not realize it, but dressing well can have a major impact on your attitude, behavior, and social interactions. However, it does take time, attention, and thought, which many people have in short supply. In general, men tend to enjoy shopping less than women — although this isn’t always true — but when they do shop, a 2016 study showed that they tend to spend a bit more money on average than women. The study showed that they spent around $85 a month on menswear, compared to women spending about $10 more. For men who are looking to change their fashion game and be better dressed, mens personal shopping might be the answer you’re looking for. Mens personal shopping can also be done online — and given that Business Insider reported 40% of men between the ages of 18 and 34 prefer using the Internet to shop, that’s extra convenient! Online stylists may curate boxes for you and guide you through more formal dressing procedures.

Why Is the Way I Look So Important?

Unfortunately, for as much merit as we place in intelligence and other non-physical characteristics, appearances do matter. According to psychology studies, we form first impressions about a person in just seven to 17 seconds. And over half of a person’s opinion depends on the physical appearance of the person (or people) they’re meeting. This is why dressing up for a job interview, review, or important meeting is so important — you want to convey that you’re a competent, polished, and accomplished professional.

In a survey done in 2016, almost half of senior managers who were interviewed said that they felt their employees dressed too casually. Having a delineation between your work wardrobe and your home wardrobe can make a difference in the way you work. If you dress more professionally, you may find yourself being more productive, on-task, and efficient, versus coming to work in jeans and sneakers.

What Are Essential Menswear Pieces to Have on Hand?
A white button down, mens dress trousers, a blazer, and Oxfords are classic pieces that you’ll wear time and time again. Looking at high end mens brands for these pieces isn’t a bad idea — they might cost a bit up front, but you’ll have them for years to come, and they’ll never go out of style. Custom tailored clothing can also help make pieces look more expensive, as they’ll fit you better.

For casual business wear, look to chinos, a V-neck sweater (or regular sweater), and a colorful or patterned button down. And for every day wear, dark wash jeans, plain T-shirts, henleys, and polos will never steer you wrong. Pair your outfits with a leather jacket for the spring and fall and a peacoat or overcoat for the winter. A nice pair of boots and sneakers, a brown and black leather belt, and a sharp watch are the other items you need in your closet to be ready for any occasion.

Tell Me More About Mens Personal Shopping

Mens personal shopping has certainly evolved. There are certainly still personal stylist consulting firms and people who will shop for you, but the Internet has changed (to some degree) how these relationships work. Subscription boxes and online styling has become more popular.

With subscription boxes, you fill out a style profile and a stylist curates a box of clothes for you. They’re shipped to your home where you can try them on and send back any pieces you don’t like. The other pieces you pay for. There’s usually a small “styling fee” as well, but those often go towards the price of the clothing you pay for.

If you’re a little more old school, many department stores still retain personal shoppers on staff and you can get the shopping help you need there!

Make a great impression on everyone you meet with the help of personal shopping aids — either online or in person — and up your style game this year. You may be surprised at the difference it makes in your life!

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