Replace Damaged Sunglass Lenses to Ensure Continued UV Protection

How to measure ray ban lens size

One in five people do not think of the decision to wear sunglasses as one that promotes good health. Perhaps sunglasses are more commonly valued for the purely practical purpose of being able to see without averting ones eyes, or merely for aesthetic value. In either case, a limited perspective on the value that sunglasses bring is unfortunate.

Sunglasses serve primarily to guard against harmful UV rays, which can contribute to macular degeneration and cataracts, among other complications. With this in mind, replacing scratched sunglass lenses, or lenses that have been broken, can be crucial to maintaining good eye health.

For those who are particularly sensitive to light or are otherwise in bright natural light environments for an extended period of time, polarized lens replacement may be the best option. Because these lenses are constructed from a very particular kind of material, it is imperative that they be replaced with the same kind of lenses. This way, you can be sure that your lenses will continue to reduce glare after sunglass lens replacement. Similarly, glasses that are tinted gold or yellow may help make objects more visible by reducing the brightness of green and blue backgrounds.

Thankfully, sunglass replacement lenses can be used in many of today’s most popular brands, including Oakley and Ray Ban. The latter company’s connection to anti glare lenses goes back as early as World War II, when it created sunglasses specifically for the Air Force.

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  1. I agree with the premise of the article that it is pretty remarkable that as a society, we seem to have focused on the fashion value of sunglasses more so than on the necessary health benefits they provide.

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