Nike air max

There are many different things that the word sneaker can refer to. But only one of them is the American term for shoes or footwear with flexible soles crafted from a malleable material such as rubber. Originally, the word “sneaker” came from the soft sole of the shoe, because the flexibility made it very quiet. The idea was that someone wearing sneakers would have a much easier time sneaking up on someone.

Now, a lot of the time, the term is referring to some sort of athletic footwear, in which there are many different kinds of sneakers. Basketball shoes, cross trainers, tennis shoes, and more, all made for specific sports because of the different, very specific needs athletes have depending on their individual sports.

Besides that, sneakers have become a part of the hip hop culture, as a sort of fashion statement, and a status symbol if you have the ability to wear the newest versions certain brands of shoes, which are more expensive than others. A few of the most popular ones are Adidas, Rebok, Puma, and Nike shoes.

There are many popular brands and different styles of shoes that promise different results for wearing the different styles. For example, Nike air max shoes are running shoes that claim to be hyper flexible and lightweight because of the mesh material they are made of so that air can get to the foot and it can breathe. From exclusivity to style to comfort, there are many different reasons that people wear sneakers, and many different reasons to get different colors, brands, and styles such as air max shoes.

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