T-shirt Printing Services Can Do Your Advertising for You

Compressed tote bag

Everybody has their favorite t-shirt that they have had forever and have no plans of getting rid of. Sometimes it is from a concert, a specific vacation or destination, or a school, fundraising, or athletic event. Or it could simply be a shirt that was worn often during a certain time period that carries significant emotional attachment or weight. That favorite t-shirt carries with it nostalgia and a comfort that is both mental and physical. Most people hang on to those favorite t-shirts well past the point of getting worn out. So knowing this strong attachment, it is no surprise that many businesses capitalize on the general public’s collective love of t-shirts.

Finding the right t shirt printing services

If you decide to help boost your business a bit by finding new and creative types of advertising and marketing, you could seek out local t shirt printing services to make promotional t shirts. And the great thing about screen printing is the vast range of creativity you can put into designing the shirts. Sure, you can absolutely go with the simple and effective method of only having the name of your business or your logo, but what not have fun withit? Chances are your customers and other potential consumers will have fun with it as well. And it goes without saying that when one person buys one of your promotional t-shirts, the continued publicity that you receive whenever that person wears the shirt is invaluable.

People love their t-shirts

In the United States today, about 70% of men and 54% of women have at least 10 t-shirts that they own, and around 90% of all Americans have at least one t-shirt that they could never bear the thought of throwing out, as a result of a strong emotional connection or specific sentimental value. Using t shirt printing services can get your products or services into the wardrobes of countless individuals, who will in turn be promoting your business just by getting dressed. You can’t go wrong putting your brand onto a t-shirt. But if you are making use of that screen printing business, you might as well consider a few other ideas as well.

It doesn’t have to stop with the t-shirts

Over the course of a five year period, the t-shirt industry grew by more than 24%. And recently the trade revenue internationally of the screen printing business in the United States, commercially speaking, was reportedly nearly $8 billion. There will always be a demand, or at the very least, an appreciation of t-shirts. But once you have your t-shirts printed, you could also explore other options. Take the wardrobe idea a step further by offering custom compressed t shirts, which is especially good for special promotions, as it is particularly eye-catching and attention-grabbing. And the screen printing does not have to stop there. You could go for promotional towels or custom promotional tote bags, among any number of other things.

Putting out wearable or usable products promoting your main business is a great way to get more eyes on your business. The more people who are aware of the goods or products you offer, the better the chances you have of expanding your customer base.

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