Three Beautiful Forms of Sea Glass Jewelry

Sea glass colors

Are you looking for a unique gift for someone in your life? Maybe your daughter is graduating from high school or college or perhaps a coworker you are close to is retiring. Whatever your reasoning might be, it’s fair to say that jewelry is a typical gift option for women. If you are looking for jewelry that is out of the box, but still beautiful and meaningful, consider sea glass jewelry! Not only is it beautiful, but it stands out in such a way that people always want to ask about it. Below are three sea glass jewelry options:

Sea Glass Bracelets Sea glass bracelets are a great gift because they can show off multiple colors in one jewelry setting. Sea glass comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors and they are all absolutely stunning. Gifting someone a sea glass bracelet is a great way to show that you are grateful for them, proud of them, and that they are as unique as the stones in the bracelet are.

Sea Glass Pendants – Sea glass pendant designs are a bit like a snowflake in that you truly do not ever see the same one twice. Most of the time, sea glass pendant designs are created to hold a piece of sea glass from a necklace so that both the shape and color can be shown off. The shapes of sea glass pendant designs are always dependant on the exact shape of the piece which has essentially been worn down by the sand and waves of the ocean over time. That is just one of the reasons sea glass is so incredibly unique.

Sea Glass Rings – The third type of sea glass jewelry that your friend or loved one is bound to adore is a sea glass ring. Because there is no actual gemstone in a sea glass ring, you will find that the price ranges are a bit more affordable. What you will also notice is that the variety of color is vast. There is not just a single hue of green, but instead dark green, light green, lime greens, milky green, and so on.

Giving jewelry as a gift dates back 100,000 years when people were making beads from Nassarius shells. Sea glass is fascinating because it isn’t crafted by humans, but instead by the ocean itself. When glass ends up in the ocean it breaks up into pieces and is tossed by the waves and sand until it becomes smoothed out. The high pH levels of saltwater (typically around 8) make this process go by much faster. The popularity of sea glass has grown over the years which unfortunately means that many well-known sea glass beaches have been picked over. The next time you want to purchase a piece of jewelry that will stand out among the crowd, consider sea glass!

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