Three Fashion Trends That are Part of a Larger Movement to Embrace Yourself

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“Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live,” designer Gianni Versace once said. For many years, fashion has been pushed as something we should endlessly strive to wrap around ourselves, trend by trend. Lately, though, there’s been a larger movement toward embracing the now — who we are, and what we truly look like, and what we actually want to wear. Vintage is back, the 90s are back, and fashion for plus sized women is no longer limited to giant bag clothing that hides all shape and form.

Now is the time for summer clothes shopping — but not the ways you’ve shopped before. This time, you can go to the mall and embrace the clothing you truly like — not just because it’s trendy or because it will look flattering in a nightclub, but because it is a manifestation of the way you truly want to express yourself. Here are three recent trends in fashion that might be the right match for you. If they’re not? Don’t sweat it. There are other great choices at the mall waiting for you to try them on, and make them your own.

1. Voluminous, Full Skirts

There’s nothing wrong with a mini skirt, but what about those days where you want to feel a touch of silk brushing the back of your calf? When you want the exaggerated silhouette look that comes with a longer skirt cinched with a belt? Among recent fashion trends right now are high waisted, full skirts, and it’s a look that is flattering on nearly all body types. For a summer-ready look, try pairing a mint colored chiffon skirt belted at the waist, with an ivory or cream colored top with an embellished collar.

2. Orange is the New Black

It’s not just a hit TV show you watch on your computer — it’s also the must-have color for this year. Recent fashion trends often identify one color or another as the “it” color — the secret to rocking it is finding the right hue for you, though. Brown skin tends to pair well with most shades of orange, but those with lighter skin tones need to be careful — an orange that’s very red can wash out a complexion. Since orange ranges from more yellow to more red, try to pair it with your skin’s underlying tone, whether you’re more of an olive or a pink.

3. Pop Art

Your body is a temple, and your temple needs some paintings on the walls. Rather than picking solid color dresses, look for loud, bold prints that are basically a piece of artwork on your body. Summer dress shopping is about expressing yourself, not just finding a nice little black dress. Stop strangers with your new look.

Are you interested in recent fashion trends? Let us know in the comments how you plan on making everyday shopping an adventure.
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