Three Things You Might Not Know About Your Beard

Beard oils

The men’s grooming market has always been one to hold its own. In 2017, its size grew to $20.5 billion and seems to be still on the rise.

All over the world, men are paying attention to their grooming habits the ways of which have not been seen in a generation or two. With the men of Western Europe leading the way–having a grooming market valued at $12.4 billion in 2015–men the world over are always looking for the way to their own unique style. Those grooming products that will help them get that edge.

Personal style is not something to be ignored. You are the only you there will ever be. So, why not be that person now?

More men have begun to incorporate some sort of beard into their personal look. Beards don’t always cooperate. They want to live their lives their way. But, we tame our beards when we want to display that charming style element. Think Abraham Lincoln. Now, that beard was charming.

You’ve probably done a fair amount of research if you’ve got any kind of decent beard. Why? Because that’s what beard people do.

So, just in case you don’t know everything about beards like you think you do, here are three things you might like to know.

1. You need to find a beard for your face shape

Sorry to say this, gentlemen, but you can’t just have hair growing out of the side of your head and call it a beard. You have to learn how to shape your beard to accentuate your face. You and your barber can talk about what that means for you. But, until you find the beard shape for your face, it won’t matter what grooming products you use. Your beard won’t work for you.

2. A good beard is not inherited

If your Pops had a beautiful beard, that doesn’t mean you will. You might have his balding problem, and this might not seem fair either, but good beards don’t run in families. You have to find grooming products like scented beard oil or all natural beard oil to give you the look that only belongs to you.

3. You need beard shampoo

The reality is, you need beard shampoo. What’s the point of all those oils that make it look great if they are to be stripped away every time you wash your beard? A dedicated beard shampoo is some of the best beard care you can give to yourself. It will spare the natural oils that your beard so desperately craves.

Beards are great and taking care of them isn’t as much trouble as you might think.

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