Three Ways to Channel Your Inner Rapunzel With Your Hair Extensions

If you have thinning hair, or you have alopecia, you know how much you want to have a full head of hair again. You need the best products to stop thinning hair so that you can halt the loss of your hair. There are products like Rogaine, and its generic versions, that have been proven to regrow some of your hair. Hair growth is the name of the game when it comes to male pattern baldness and alopecia hair care.

There are also operations that help you to have more hair. You can get hair transplant surgery Los Angeles that will immediately give you more hair. It is generally transferred from elsewhere on the body and implanted in the areas that have been losing hair. You can also have surgery that makes your bald spot smaller by removing part of it. This can often make it look like you have more hair than you do. If you are looking for the best hair designer near me, check out the business listings for wigs if you are interested in wearing one. These can be an easy way to replace your hair so that you don’t have a bald spot showing.

As a growing number of celebrities and public figures become more open about their hair extensions, it’s becoming ever more in vogue to use extensions as a way to add length and body to any hair style.

And when more than half, or 61%, of women reported that they change their hair style because they just wanted a change, there’s no better way to get a fresh new look than a set of hair extensions.

Making sure your sew in hair extensions stay as long and beautiful as they did when you first left your hair salon shop doesn’t have to be impossible. Here are three of the very best care and maintenance tips to help you keep your weave or extensions looking healthy and gorgeous for months to come:

Use the right products

The highest-quality sew in hair extensions are made from real human hair. As a result, they require the same quality hair care products that your own hair does. In fact, since hair extensions are more delicate than your own hair, you’ll want to use specialized shampoo, conditioner and styling products formulated especially for hair extensions.

Avoid heat styling

Everyone knows how damaging it can be to hair when you blow-dry, curl and straighten your hair excessively. The same goes for your hair extensions, if not more so. If you can’t avoid styling your hair with heat, try to use a lower temperature setting and avoid using these styling tools as much as possible.

Brush your extensions regularly

Lastly, it’s crucial to brush your extensions often to prevent tangles, snarls, breakage and split ends. You should especially brush your extensions thoroughly before you wash your hair, as hair is at its most delicate and vulnerable when wet. Brushing wet hair is never a good idea!

Have any other questions for us about finding the best salon for hair extensions and sew weave hairstyles? Feel free to ask and share your own hair care tips by leaving a comment below!

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