Tips for Involving Your Children in Holiday Donations

Charities that pick up clothing donations

With so many retail store sales and urgency around holiday shopping, it can be difficult to teach children the true meaning of the holiday season. Children are brought up early with the idea that the holidays are simply about receiving gifts. As they get older, their gifts get even more expensive. When they become adults, they in turn, do the same for their children. It can be difficult to break the over consumerism of the holiday season. However, with incorporating a couple of different traditions and keeping those who are in need during the winter months in mind, you can instill the true meaning of the holiday season in your family, for many generations to come.

Donate unused winter clothing Most households have many clothing items that they no longer wear. Some of these items may even still have the tag on them, or were worn only a couple of times. Encourage every member of your family to go through their closets, selecting items they want to donate. Make it a family trip to give the clothing donations. Explain early on the need for these donations to your children. Ensure that you are donating a significant amount, which will also set an example for them.

The average American purchases 10 pounds of previously used clothing each year in the United States. Be sure to educate your children on the many ways that their charity donations are helping those who may not be able to afford new items. Charitable clothing donations are one of the easiest and lowest cost ways to help a local charity. In 2007, an estimated $5.8 billion worth of clothing related donations were made to charity foundations in the United States. The donation of clothing can also keep unrecyclable items out of the countries landfills.

Encourage children to donate old toys Explain to your children how some children do not have as many toys as they do. Encourage them to go through their toys, donating the ones that they no longer play with. Your children may be hesitant at first, but remind them that the holidays are coming quickly, and they will receive new toys. This can also serve the purpose of organization for busy parents. You can donate the toys with the clothing donations.
Involve them in volunteering Many charities rely on volunteers, especially during the holiday season. Involving your children in volunteering is one of the best ways to educate them on the importance of helping those in need. It allows them to interact with others, and to actually be involved in improving someone?s life. Keep them educated during the entire process, explaining the need for their volunteering and how their specific task helps someone who is in need.

Ask them to choose a way to make a charitable donation Clothing donations are not the only way to provide assistance to those in need. Find out what charity is important to your children, and allow them to make decisions as to how they can help them. Maybe they want to donate their allowance for a few weeks to their favorite charity. Maybe they want to shop for a specific family that they know needs a clothes donation. Even older children can arrange clothing donations and charities that pick up donations orders at their school. While 95.4% of Americans participate at some level of charitable giving, you can increase the extent that your children participate.

Retail chains have made the holiday season all about gift giving. It can be easy for a child to miss the magical feeling that often comes with the holidays. It is just as important to provide them with the opportunity to donate, volunteer, and consider others during the holiday season. This will stay with them for many years, a value that will also be instilled into their children. You can begin the process of bringing the true meaning back to the charitable holiday season.

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