Tips to Help Men Find the Perfect Designer Eye Wear

Reading glasses

According to a 2012 survey, the most likely people to purchase eye wear online are the affluent, young Americans, and men. Shopping online for frames is an excellent way to have a wide variety of choice, while easily comparing brands, styles, prices, and colors. When shopping online for new glasses, it is important to choose frames that are naturally suited to your facial features and face shape. For the men, or the women who have been persuaded to shop for them, here are valuable tips for finding the best frame options.

Tips for men with round faces.

Men with round faces have rounded chins, full cheeks, and features that are generally in equal proportion. Glasses for men with round face shapes should either be rectangular, or otherwise a frame shape that emphasizes horizontal lines. Choosing round glasses frames for men would not be a great idea, as those frames would mimic the natural shape of the face, and do little to accentuate their natural features. Oakley glasses are a good choice.

Tips for men with oblong faces.

Men with oblong faces tend to have long noses, tall foreheads, and a face that is longer than it is wide. Ideally, choose tall frames, or wide frames, and look for eye wear that has upper rims or temples that stand out. Small frames are not likely to be flattering. Ray Ban glasses are typically shaped in a way that flatters oblong faces.

Tips for men with triangle faces.

Glasses for men
with triangle face shapes should draw attention towards the upper portion of the face to balance out a prominent jaw. Rather than choosing fully rimless reading glasses, look for frames that are semi-rimless, and draw attention upward. Police brand frames are recommended for men with a strong jaw.

The general rule when choosing glasses for men based on the shape of their face, is to choose eye wear based on what will provide contrast to their natural proportions. Fortunately, of the individuals who purchased frames online in 2012, less than 1% found the experience to be poor. If you follow these tips, shopping online for frames, and finding the right glasses for your face, will be much simpler. Be sure to use any tools that online retailers provide to help you narrow down your search to the frames that are most compatible with your facial structure.

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