Use Photo Correction Services to Give Your Business a Boost Up In Sales

Portrait photo editing service

Even the best photos can use a little special something. Photo correction services are a great way to turn an already fantastic photo into a true work of art. Whether it’s commemorating a special family event, capturing that perfect sunset from your last family vacation, taking that winning shot that you just know will sell your house to the right person, or a headshot that’s going to get you your next job, professional photo editing can give you that extra boost, even if you’ve had the photographs professionally taken. Almost all businesses use photo correction services; the online advertising business makes almost $150 billion a year, and their success can be attributed in large part to the carefully targeted and edited photos they take. Those glossy spreads on magazine pages? The pictures on their website? Most have had the delicate touch of a professional photo retouching service.
Ugh, I’m Totally Against Photoshop. Why Should I Use These Services?
Many people have a negative feeling about photoshop, feeling that the images aren’t “true” or “real.” However, most of the images that we see in the media have been photoshopped to some degree. And photo correction services often aren’t as extreme as what we might think of when we hear the word “photoshop.” The color of the sky on your beautiful beach photo might be brightened and the color of the waves accentuated, for example. That stupid pimple that you got right before your prom photos can be deleted. The sun’s glare can be reduced from your family reunion photo. Nothing is necessarily being massively changed with these photo services, simply enhanced or touched up. It can make you look like your best self or make your home look just a little brighter in a photo that potential buyers may see. And if you work in the advertising industry, you know that professionally taken photos are twice as likely to be shared as one taken by amateurs — and a professional retouching can only help boost those numbers!
How Can Photo Correction Services Help My Business?
Our society is a strongly visual one, especially with Instagram, Vines, and other image-based social media apps rising in popularity. Many people (and businesses) feel that indeed, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” With smartphones, almost anyone can take a photo, put a filter on it, and send it out into the world. Competition is fierce — as of the spring of 2015, there were over 40 million photographers in the United States! So if you’re into images for business, how do you stand out?
The answer is a good camera, professional photographers, and the help of a good photo editor. For example, let’s take the real estate market. If you take homes that were for sale between $400,000-$500,000, almost 65% of those homes that had pictures shot with DSLR cameras, sold within six months. Only a little above 45% of homes listed at that price with point and shoot cameras sold within six months. And million dollar homes, which are often tough to sell, had a 5% better chance of being sold within six months if they were professionally photographed. As another example, Redfin has research that proves for homes that are selling between $200,000 and $1 million, and have DSLR photos taken, they tend to sell for $3,400-$11,200 more than what they were listed for.
If you take those professionally done photos, enhance the lighting, reduce glare, and tighten the focus with photo correction services, these homes are going to look even better! They may draw a larger number of interested homebuyers out to see them, which means a higher percentage may be likely to bid on the house, resulting in a better chance of a sale for the real estate broker.
Photos are an incredibly important sales and marketing tool for businesses and help capture the special and everyday moments in our own lives. They can often be the first impression someone has of you for a job interview or a first date. With photo correction services, you can be at your best all the time.

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