Western Fashion Staples and Reinventing Your Wardrobe

Cinch jeans

Western boots and flannel never really went out of style in American culture- but definitely has seen a resurgence thanks to hipsters and a new appreciation for durable clothing. What we now associate with the cowboys (and girls!) of the Wild West originated out of practicality. They needed protection from the elements.

Now, this fashion style has designer appeal as well. Western fashion is adaptable and has found its way into urban spaces. It’s possible to create cool outfits on the cheap with western clothes, but there are some pieces worth splurging on. Jeans, western riding boots, and flannel definitely top that list.

Jeans are obvious investments. For many women, finding the perfect pair of jeans is a process, and men find that some jeans just do not hold up to their daily activities. Close fitting jeans were initially made to knees and thighs from blistering while someone rode their horse. Ariat jeans are known for their fit and quality. For women who struggle finding jeans in the first place, their variety of sizes and cuts is a godsend. For men, their toughness makes them essential wardrobe pieces, even if they’re not working in them.

Western style boots are versatile pieces and if taken care of, will last years. They’re alternatives to regular shoes, and if you’ve gotten them fitted properly, can alleviate feet problems. They’re also the perfect “it” piece to any style- western or not. Western fashion’s permeation into mainstream culture makes them perfect to dress up that summer dress you’ve been eyeing or a way to create a new fall look.

Another well known western fashion accessory is flannel. Beloved by those who dress in grunge, hipster, prep, and western fashions alike, it’s the ideal fabric. It looks chic with western ankle boots, but also adorable and hip under a cardigan with skinny jeans. Flannel also doesn’t need to be washed after you wear each time, making it perfect for the laundry averse and those looking for durable clothing.

Tell us below- what your favorite western fashion staple?

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