What Boots Should You Buy?

Comfortable work boots

Not all boots were made for walking, despite what the songs tell you. Some were made for looking at, some were made for running, some were made for climbing, kicking, jumping and so much more. Here are some things to look for in boots.

Law enforcement boots
Police footwear has to be quite specific. It has to offer enough support so that they can be worn comfortably for long periods of time. They also should be fairly lightweight so they aren’t carrying around extra weight if you need to chase someone. Side zips are more convenient so that you don’t have to release the shoe every time you take it on or off. The main thing about police footwear is that they are comfortable. They need good padding to protect your feet while on foot patrol. Good police footwear will also provide a good amount of traction. Something about seeing a policeman fall over because he has new shoes won’t inspire a lot of confidence.

Construction boots
Work boots are all about protection. Steel toe boots are what are typically used. They might be heavy but they offer enough protection. A good work boot will have a puncture plate on the bottom so that if you step on anything it won’t go through the shoe to your foot. Having a boot with electrical resistance is also a good idea if you often work in that field. They should also be insulated against all different kinds of weather since construction workers tend to work most of the time. Consider a construction zone and that will give you a good idea of what kind of boots are needed. They’re all kinds of potential hazards from something falling on your foot to stepping on something to sliding to being electrocuted and more.

Fishing boots
The main criteria of a fishing boat is that they will keep you dry and comfortable. Fishing boots are also known as fishing waders. They come in a variety of materials and styles and consequently prices. These waders typically go all the way up to your waist or even your chest depending on what you choose. Your choice will depend on where you fish. They’re also different kinds of bottoms. For example, felt bottoms will help on slick sm surfaces while studded bottoms help to provide good grip in mud and on rocks. The rubber soles of probably the easiest to clean which means there will be less risk of contamination to yourself or from one area of water to the next. A bad pair of waders can make for a horrible day fishing so it’s important to make sure that this that you choose or appropriate for the type of fishing you do.

Climbing boots
When you are considering mountaineering boots you need to think about what your goals are as you climb. What type of surface are you going to be climbing and for how long? How cold it gets or how hot should also play a role. You can get single boots which are good for climbing ice or rock or there are double boots which work better in very cold areas. Double boots come with linings that should be taken out when you’re not climbing or wearing the boot in order to warm them and dry them before putting them back on again in the morning. The third most common boot is called a super gaitor boot. These kind of boots are the perfect medium between single and double boots.

Determining where really depends on what activity you’re going to be engaging in. For example, construction boots would not make good police footwear because they’re too heavy and bulky for some of the things that police must do. Likewise mountaineering boots would never be able to protect the foot of a construction worker.

On the other hand, maybe you don’t need boots for functionality at all but purely for fashion and in that case what you bye really depends on your taste. However, even if you’re only buying boots for fashion, you still want to make sure that they are comfortable and easy to put on otherwise he will likely end up throwing them away after the season is over. But a good pair of boots will last you years.

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