What to Expect From a Reputable Microblading Course

If you are in the beauty industry there is no doubt that you have heard about microblading by now. Perhaps you have even considering taking microblading classes to make yourself a more well-rounded beauty professional. If this is the case, you might be wanting to know a little more about the training involved and what to expect when you join a course.

Microblading is more than just filling out or shaping a client’s eyebrows. It involves the knowledge of different pigments and the ability to perform color correction techniques. You will also have to learn about microblading equipment and how to properly use it. The misuse of color or technique can end in a client’s eyebrows healing in a less-than-attractive manner and the loss of a customer.

So let’s take a look at what a microblading class should include in the list below:

  • Preparation: How to prepare skin for the microblading process
  • Performance: How to perform microblading using proper techniques that give a natural and balanced look
  • Sanitation: How to maintain a clean and safe work space
  • Tools: How to identify and use different microblading tools and configure needles
  • Design and Anatomy: How to design eyebrows based on muscle anatomy
  • Care Instructions: How to perform proper before and after care
  • Color theory: How to choose the right pigment and how to perform color correction techniques

As you can see, microblading is an in depth process and there is much to learn before you can perform it properly and safely. This is why proper training is so important. Like regular tattooing, you need to become an expert in the field in order to have the most success. Color correction techniques alone take time to learn. Some courses are very short and only last about two days, but it is recommended to seek out advanced classes. Two days simply isn’t enough time to learn all there is to know and log enough training hours to master the procedure.

There is also the cost to consider. Most well rounded and reputable courses can cost several thousand dollars. If you can find one that provides you with professional-grade equipment within the cost of the course that will be helpful for saving money in the long run. However, it is wise to remember that you get what you pay for and your first concern should not be cutting corners when it comes to finances.

Microblading is a booming industry in the modern time and proper training is a worthy investment of your time and money. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself so that you can make others feel beautiful!

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