Women’s Shoes and Purses

Womens shoes

Jeans, women’s tops, and t-shirts are the top selling retail items in the United States although casual womens shoes do not fall too far behind. Casual womens shoes are specifically worn for casual experiences, just as boots are made for the winter and for hiking. Traditionally, shoes are made from wood, canvas, or leather but many shoes are increasingly being made from rubber, plastics, and other petrochemical-derived materials. Casual womens shoes are characterized by having a wide profile, sturdy leather uppers, and non-leather out-soles.

The average American female spends approximately 48 hours and 51 minutes per year window shopping. Not to mention that women make up an average of two-thirds of all the shoppers in the United States. The average female shopper spends about three years of her life shopping, according to a study by OnePoll. The average mall shopper, in the United States, stays for an average of 80 minutes and spends an average of $75 each time they visit. Approximately 9.3% of the nation’s workforce is represented by shopping center supported jobs.

Casual womens shoes are not the only weakness that many women have. Another is handbags. If women could choose only one designer accessory, 22% of women would splurge on a designer handbag, according to recent surveys. Recent surveys also show that three out of four women have a favorite womens handbag. The average number of handbags, including womens clutch purses, that women own in the United States is six. Surprisingly, during the 1400s, during marriage, purses and handbags were often given as gifts from the bride to the groom.
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