3 Big Misconceptions You Probably Have About Interior Design Services

Interior decorator

If you’re looking to give your living space a facelift and don’t know exactly how to get the look you want (or perhaps don’t even know what look you want), then interior design services may be the best way to go. Interior designers — and interior decorators, who do similar projects but typically aren’t certified — can do everything from picking out anchor home furnishings and paint colors to arranging the tiniest details with the accessories in a room to make it both more functional and more inviting. But if you’ve never seriously investigated interior design services before, you may have some major misconceptions that need to be addressed. Here are three things homeowners often wrongly believe about interior designers:

  1. They’re Only for Major Remodeling Projects

    People often don’t think to hire an interior designer unless they’re looking to do a major overhaul, but most designers are perfectly happy to take on smaller-scale jobs as well. So if you’re just looking to give a room or two a sprucing up without making any big structural changes, you may still benefit from design services. In fact, you’ll probably find that a designer has a keen eye for knowing exactly what small things can be changed to make a big impact.

  2. Hiring Them Is Always Prohibitively Expensive

    Interior designers, just like other professionals, charge a wide range of fees for their services. That means it’s entirely possible to get a few quotes and find a designer within your budget. You shouldn’t be concerned about a designer picking out furnishings you can’t afford, either; all designers are used to conforming to their clients’ budgets, so all you need to do is set a realistic price range up front and communicate it clearly. Your designer may even have some industry connections that will get you better pricing on furnishings.

  3. The Most Important Thing Is a Style Match

    When choosing a designer, all too many people look at portfolios until they see one that has the same aesthetic they want. This isn’t completely the wrong idea — it makes sense, of course, to work with a designer whose general taste matches your own. But it’s actually more important to find a designer you feel you have a rapport with; interior designers are professional who can set aside their own taste to meet your expectations and preferences, so feeling like you can express those expectations and preferences will be hugely influential in how pleased you are with the final result.

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