3 Great Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Party Linens Rentals

Table linens rentals

Planning for a big party can be stressful, and if you’re looking to add a certain hint of elegance to the room, you need to start with party linens rentals. Whether you’re setting up for a wedding, a graduation party, or any other important event, your guests will really notice if you take extra time to find the classiest rental linens possible.

From tablecloth rentals to chair covers and cloth napkins, you are in full control of the color scheme of your party. Picking out party linens rentals should be the one reprieve from stress that you have during your planning because of how fun it can be. If you can find linen rental companies with a wide selection of affordable products, you’ll soon discover that choosing linens is much more fun than it is stressful. Here are a few quick tips to make your party linens rentals search just a little bit easier:

  • Start with the basics. Before you can start to customize your linens and have a little fun, you need to figure out how many linens you’ll need and what size best suits the tables at your event. When renting table linens, it’s crucial to know an approximate guest count as well as the table measurements at the reception hall. It isn’t hard to find horror stories of party planners who assume they’re in the clear, only to find out that their linens are a bit too short to cover the entire table.
  • Mix and match to make the room pop. Now that you have the right-sized linens, it’s time to get a little creative. The best linen rental companies offer endless possibilities when it comes to texture and color matching, so don’t settle on one color scheme until you’ve really found what you’re looking for. You can opt to put burlap and lace together, which makes for an enticing blend of natural earthiness with a more delicate elegance. To play off your linens, consider adding table top design elements like florals, centerpieces, and little trinkets to make for the perfect reception table.
  • Don’t forget the chair covers. Once party planners procure the right tablecloths for their event, they often assume that they’re finished with party linens rentals. While hosting a party with elegant tablecloths only is doable, you really want to bring the entire room together with matching chair covers and/or cloth napkins. Chair covers will give your guests an added sense of comfort upon sitting down, and cloth napkins will take your party or reception from elegant to luxurious.

Consider these great tips the next time you’re searching for party linens rentals. Also, remember to have fun when setting up for your next party and use this time to get creative and provide your guests with memories to last a lifetime.

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