Buying Vs Renting Your Table Linens

Wedding linen rentals

If you?re planning and wedding you will come to find out that some of the hardest decisions will have to make will be about the most mundane things. In this case it?s whether opting for table linens rentals is a better choice as opposed to buying them all together. Although you might be overwhelmed with the things that matter most you don’t want to be caught in a last minute decision that might cause you to go over budget. So what better table linens rentals or purchasing the whole lot. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each to find the most suitable solution for you.

One thing to consider when choosing table linens rentals or buying brand new tablecloths, is the size of your wedding. How many many people are accounted for? You need a definitive number so that you know exactly how much it might cost for you to opt for renting table linens and not buy them. Another thing is timing. How far along are you with the wedding plans? Is it 6 months away or 2 weeks from now. The greatest advantage you can get from renting linens for a wedding reception is definitely the convenience. It’s as simple as choosing a specialty linen, setting up an order, and having them delivered to your door step. Very little to no hassle at all on your part. If the used linens end up getting dirty during the reception and may need some cleaning, it?s really not your concern. At the most you may have to pay extra for the damages but you don?t have to worry about doing the cleaning. Whichever company provided you with the table linens rentals will take care of all of that for you.

One main disadvantage of using linen rental companies for your tablecloths is that it might cost you more than if you were to purchase them from a store or online. In some case it can cost you about $20 to $25 each to rent wedding reception linens with additional charges that can accumulate if you choose to have them delivered and set up for you. Furthermore the linens table rentals may need some adjustment before setting them up. You may have to iron them out first since they were packaged for delivery. Considering the fact that these are party linens rentals they may not look too brand new as opposed to if you were to buy them.

When you choose to buy rather than renting table linens
you end up saving much more money in the long run while still being able to reuse the linens for other occasions. Depending on the store, buying your linens might cost you anywhere from $10 to $15 per line. You might even save more than that if there?s a sales deal going on as well. Table linens rentals don?t come with special offers. The rental prices are fixed with additional costs. The only downside to buying your linens and not choosing a wedding linen rentals service is that you have to be the one to set it up for the wedding and clean them up afterwards. The responsibility is all yours. They are now your burden.

Weddings do not happen every year and hopefully for you this is your last. If you had a huge wedding where several linens were purchased, now you have to find somewhere to store them and keep them for as long as you like. On the plus side of this there is the chance that you might resell the linens and gain something back form our expenses. If you’re lucky the lines might end up looking just as good as the day you took them out of the box thus increasing their resale value. Ultimately it all depends on your situation and what you can handle if your looking to either purchase your wedding tablecloths or rent them. However in most case, people find it to to be much more of a penny saver to rent rather than buy.

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