3 Tips for Utilizing Your Custom Closet

Have you been looking for better ways to get the most out of your custom closet? In this video, you’ll learn some excellent tips that will help you better understand certain simple yet effective aspects of your wardrobe. You can make it work for you whether you’re rearranging your wardrobe, love wearing tactical footwear, and want to designate a space for certain shoe designs; no matter your preference, this video will help you have more clarity.

Tip #1: Choose a white light

Opt for a blue hue in lighting, which will be between 4000K and 5000K on the Kelvin scale. This color provides a truer tone to daylight compared to the warm yellow tones in other light bulbs, around 2000K and 3000K.

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Tip #2: Keep a bag container

A bag container is a container to hold all the items you would usually keep in your bag. If you are switching out bags with different outfits often, you will find that the container is an easier way to ensure that you have all your bag essentials ready to go. For example, you can keep your lip balm, sunglasses, car keys, wallet, hair ties, pocket tissues, and anything else you usually carry with you when you’re on the go.

Tip #3: Add a full-length mirror

Once you have your outfit picked out for the day, you want to try on each item. A mirror always helps to get a full overview of the final look from head to toe. It’s just a great way to check that you look on point before leaving. Many closets might not have space for a full-length mirror, but attaching the mirror to the back of the closet door is an ideal way to utilize the mirror without it taking up extra space inside your wardrobe. Try these tips in the video and get the most out of your wardrobe.


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