3 Tips That Will Keep Your Leather Bag Looking Brand New

Leather bags for men

Is there anything that says classic sophistication like a leather bag? Leather messenger bags, satchels, and tote bags for women have all become increasingly popular and versatile choices for those of us who want to look timeless, polished, and effortless in any circumstance. Unlike other types of materials, leather backpacks and leather totes can last for years with proper care. Because fine leather goods are a high-quality investment, you’ll want to take care of them in order to enjoy them from season to season. Here are three tips you should practice in order to keep your leather looking brand new:

  1. Protect
    Accidents are bound to happen, but they don’t have to ruin your bag or your day. You can use a water and oil repellent to protect your leather tote or purse from spills before they ever occur. In addition, it may sound silly, but your leather bag can easily become dehydrated! When leather is exposed to long periods of humidities below 40%, it can come desiccated, which can change the look and feel of your leather bag forever. In order to moisturize your bag, use a leather conditioner as needed. This will keep your bag looking natural and new for a long time to come.
  2. Store
    Although you might be tempted to throw your other purses haphazardly on the floor or over a chair, leather tote bags for women and men should be stored a bit more carefully. Use a breathable cotton pillow case or handbag dust cover to store your leather purse in an upright position. Avoid storing them in plastic or vinyl; although leather needs moisture, you don’t want to trap too much inside. Use a handbag shaper or put tissue paper inside your bags in order for them to maintain their form and not fall flat. When you store your purse properly, it’ll be more likely to last.
  3. Treat
    If you do spill or find a stain, you’ll want to treat it right away. Many food or blood stains can be treated with crushed white chalk, and corn starch can be used to help eliminate oil stains. However, if the stain isn’t fresh or is too difficult to get out (or you worry that you might make it worse), bring the bag to a professional. He or she will know the best method to removing the stain, if possible, and will get your bag looking as good as new.

Ever timeless and stylish, leather satchels, backpacks, and tote bags for women and men are always an excellent choice. Follow these tips to make sure your beautiful leather bag will stand the test of time.

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