4 Trends to Make Your Wedding One to Remember

Smokeless sparklers

What little girl doesn’t anxiously plan their wedding day? A Bridal Guide survey found that women admit to spending between one to nine hours per week planning their perfect day. Now that 2015 is here, let’s take a look at 4 trends rising on the popularity charts.

1. Summer Weddings on Saturdays Are In!

Summer is gorgeous, especially if you plan it right. In fact, 30% of weddings are done in June and September when the weather is pleasant, but not too hot. Saturdays are the most popular day chosen for a wedding with an average of 69% of weddings.

2. Get Hitched in the Great Outdoors
Let your big day rival the beauty of nature itself! With nearly 1/4 of weddings nowadays as destination weddings its no wonder why the location has become so important. Hudson Valley Weddings found that a total of 35% of all weddings are now outdoor affairs with nearly 16% of receptions being held outside or in a barn and another 12% at a golf course or country club.

3. Keep it in the Family

While the time and the location are important, everyone can agree that the thing that makes a wedding day most special are the family and friends in attendance. Many couples will have a special friend or family member officiate the wedding instead of a hired professional such as a priest or judge. In 2009 63% of weddings hired a professional, compare that number to later years that showed a decline down to 57%.

4. Buy Sparklers
Accessories from candies to party favors are a part of any great wedding; joining this family is the rising trend of wedding sparklers. An average budget of around $169 is spent on party accessories alone; sparklers can be a fun, interactive way of getting the party started, or a beautiful way to symbolize the union of two people. There are a variety of celebratory sparklers such as cake sparklers, indoor sparklers, smokeless sparklers, and even long lasting sparklers. If you want to buy sparklers for a wedding send-off, it is recommended that you order enough for at least 75% of people in attendance to be safe.

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