The Ultimate Guide To a Pinterest-Worthy Wedding Sparkler Send Off!

Smoke free sparklers

In virtually every society, religion, and civilization in the history of planet earth, the wedding ceremony is one of the most important rites of passage. Even the most disparate cultures have at least this much in common — weddings are an excuse to party. In every corner of the globe, nervous brides, grooms, families, and soon-to-be in-laws gather together, dress in their finest clothes, and celebrate the joining of two lives.

Although the core of these wedding ceremonies stays the same — its about two people joining together as one — the details change with the times. And in the 21st century, we’ve seen more and more brides opt for an exciting new wedding tradition, the wedding sparkler send off. While people used to throw rice after a wedding as the newlyweds rushed to the waiting limo, carriage, or even a dinky borrowed car, now wedding guests are much more likely to light sparklers. For a few years, people were using Silly String, but Silly String and $500 dresses don’t mix.

Wedding Sparkler Send Off: Tips and Tricks for the Bride(smaid) to Be!

First off, we have two absolutely essential pieces of advice. First off, not all sparklers are safe to use indoors! Many people want to put wedding sparklers on the cake or incorporate them into wedding photos inside a reception hall, but unless you have specially designed cake sparklers or indoor sparklers for weddings, you could accidentally cause a health and safety risk. Smokeless sparklers are available, but never use outdoor sparklers inside!

Second, a traditional sparkler lasts for about 40 seconds. Which means that just as the last person is lighting their sparkler, half the guests’ sparklers will have already burned out. Even if you can get everyone to light their sparklers at the exact same time, it’s not easy arranging a series of charming wedding photos in less than 40 seconds.

So if you want to know how to plan a wedding sparkler send off, make sure you pick up extra long sparklers. Because of the popularity of this new tradition, you can find 20 inch sparklers and 36 inch sparklers perfect for wedding send offs. You’ll want sparklers that are extra long both in physical length and temporal length (long lasting in time).

Third, you’ll want to scout out the location of the send off ahead of time so you know where to arrange guests on the big night. Obviously, wedding sparkler send offs work best after dark, although they can also look particularly good during dusk. If possible, print out index size cards with one to three simple instructions so that guests know what to do.

Then have the guests hold them up over their heads at an angle while the bride and groom run through the crowd. Remember to give the photographer plenty of heads up to get in position, and ask him or her for help setting up the perfect shot.

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