Sparklers Give Wedding Send Off a Twist


With numerous traditions in the wedding industry being broken, it seems fit that the wedding send off is changing too. More and more people want their wedding to be a unique event, rather than a blur of tradition with everyone else’s. In recent decades, we’ve seen the rice-throwing tradition turn into birdseed in an effort to be more environmentally friendly for example. Brides are stepping out of the box and coming up with bigger and brighter ways to make their special day stand out.

One way to do this is to use wedding sparklers in your send off. While a traditional sparkler lasts about 45 seconds, wedding sparklers have three sizes with different times. The 10 and 20 inch sparklers generally stay lit of two and a half minutes, while the 36 inch sparklers last for nearly four minutes! These sparklers will give your send off a fun, bright atmosphere.

The biggest advantages to using these sparklers is that your send off will be unique, you’ll have amazing pictures, and you won’t leave a mess! This is a newer trend in wedding send offs, so yours will be leading the pack, making it a unique event to remember. In addition, the lights will allow for gorgeous pictures of you and your spouse leaving the venue. Lastly, throwing rice or birdseed can be more costly and can hurt animals. The rice cannot be digested by birds, and the birdseed leaves a mess for weeks. These sparklers help you to avoid that.

The only thing to keep in mind when using these at your send off is that you should keep them in the hands of adults. If children want to participate, they should be supervised at all times, since the risk of injury is two times higher for those ages 10 to 14.

Would you consider using these for your send off? Do you have any other unique ideas? We would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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