4 Ways to Make Donating Clothing a Breeze

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You likely have plenty of clothing in your home that you want to donate. Statistics show that, in 2007, nearly $5.8 billion worth of clothing donations were made to charities across the United States. It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed at how to go about getting clothing out of your home. Here are five ways to make donating to charity easy.

  1. Break Project Into Smaller Steps

    Statistics show, in 1930, the average woman in the United State owned nine outfits, a number that is now closer to 30. You might find there’s a lot of clutter within your home. It’s common to find that the deeper you clean, the more clutter you find. Many people can become stressed out when attempting to tackle an entire house in one day. Instead, write down the rooms you need to clean as part of a list. Numerous studies have found that writing down tasks on a list helps to ensure they are completed.
  2. Set Timers to Give Yourself Breaks

    It’s important to pace yourself, especially while going through areas with a lot of clothing. Be sure to have water with you, as you’re likely to sweat from all of the activity. It’s best to set aside time to take breaks to avoid burnout or feeling too overwhelmed. Many cell phones have timers that will sound loudly when work time is up, assuring you’re refreshed and ready to keep finding clothes. You might even find that you’re having so much fun, you start skipping breaks until a later time.
  3. Have Someone Help You

    There are times when everyone needs extra motivation to complete a task. Many people find that having a cleaning buddy helps them have more fun while finding clothes to donate. A friend can also help you let go of items you may keep if you were alone. You might find cleaning is no problem but getting clothes to a donation place is another story. It’s wise to find charities that will pick up donations. It’s understandable that not everyone is able to get out of their home to bring donations to a building. Charities that pick up donations will ensure your items get to those who need them most.
  4. Wash All Clothes Before Donating

    It’s understandable to wonder if certain clothing donation items are worthy of giving away. You don’t want to find yourself getting sidetracked checking each piece of clothing for stains. You’ll likely find it much easier to place all clothes you find through the washer and dryer. In turn, you’ll have a pile of clothes that are freshly cleaned, ensuring you know how damaged they truly are. Statistics show that the average person in the United States throws out 82 pounds of textiles each year. Providing clothing as charitable donations help to keep these textiles out of landfills.

In closing, it’s understandable that donating to clothing isn’t the easiest task to accomplish. However, following a few steps ensures that finding clothing donations is fun and easier to complete. It’s wise to break down large projects into smaller tasks, making the entire process more manageable. You’ll want to have a timer nearby as a reminder to give yourself a break. Many people choose to have a few friends help them tackle a huge cleaning job within the home. It’s wise to wash all clothing you find, especially if these items are stained. You might find that something that was too dirty to donate cleaned up perfectly well. Donating clothing to charities is a great way to help those less fortunate.

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