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I’m Amy Silph, former agent and current manager of Store 3A. I can see through your webcam that you’re curious. So what IS Store 3A, really? You’re in luck, because information pertaining to this query has been recently declassified. Store 3A began as a storage sector of a secret research institution deep in the deserts of Nevada. This institution was established on the crash site of an unidentified flying object containing deceased alien life. In the labs, scientists conducted autopsies of the aliens’ bodies and reverse engineered their technology. Store 3A was the repository for extra soap and toilet paper for the facility’s bathrooms, mop heads and brooms for the janitor and, finally, working faster-than-light engines and time travel wristbands. Unfortunately, after the financial recession the program was devastated by budget cuts and Store 3A had to be eliminated. The manager and operators of 3A did not take this lightly, however, and decided to go independent. Unfortunately, due to the highly classified nature of the work they’d been doing, they were forced to switch fields. In order to stay afloat they shifted their focus and became a shopping blog. And that is where we stand currently. We hope you’ll enjoy our barely-declassified coverage of in-person and online shopping , great sales, up-and-coming fashion, and more! These deals are no secret.



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