Are You Expecting? Do You Expect To Get Furniture Too?

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Congratulations. Expecting a baby is an exciting and terrifying time in your life. But it can also be incredibly fun. One of the best parts is that you get to paint and plan and decorate the nursery. You can do the traditional blue or pink depending on gender, or your standard gender neutral yellow. And then there is all of the fun furniture.

The kids bed furniture is important. Make sure you do your research before buying a crib, as every year there seems to be a new recall of some sort. And consider one that can last a bit longer. There are some that can convert into the baby’s first bed, with the railings being detachable and the bed extendable.

While it is not an absolute necessity, a diaper changing table makes things easier. You could use any broad, flat surface really, but the table is for convenience sake. I have been known to use our baby dresser in a pinch. And they even make a changing table dresser combo for just that purpose. While we did not get one, I sure wish we had. It conveniently saves on space in an already tiny and packed nursery.

Baby furniture can sometimes be an investment, so it is also good to consider extending the life of the furniture, so your child does not outgrow it too quickly, like it will it clothes. Like the crib to first bed set up, we have actually set up some kids bookcases in our nursery. While only a small fraction of the kids bookcases are actually used for books right now, they are still full.

We have extra packages of diapers stored on there, toys in milk crates on the shelves, and even extra baby clothes. We have so many baby clothes, we have run out of room in the dressers. And you will too, do not fret.

When you buy your kids bookcases, changing tables and other baby paraphernalia, you should be looking for diversity. Get the most bang for your buck. You may be a stickler at first, as every new parent is. But soon you will realize that you need not play everything by the book, and will come to enjoy the versatility of your baby furniture. Learn more about this topic here.


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