Are You Ready to Update the Furniture in Your Home or Office?

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You remember when your mindset changed.
After being perfectly happy with your increasingly dated furniture over the 19 years that you had been in your home, the trip you and your husband made to Phoenix created a shift in how you looked at the furniture in your home and the outdated appliances you had in your kitchen.
Although you never would have paid to stay in a five star hotel when you were traveling on your own money, this trip was part of a bonus that your husband had received for some pretty extraordinary sales numbers. As a result, you found yourself spending two nights and three days in a beautiful hotel suite in one of the nicest hotels in the area. After only a few hours in these posh surroundings both you and your husband realized that you were completely relaxed. Sure, it had something to do with the fact that you were on an all expensive paid vacation away from home and that you had a break from the hectic home schedule of work, school, and kids activities, but your relaxation also seemed to be the result of our surroundings.
Your husband was the first to notice that the colors used in the suite you were assigned mirrored the colors in your own home. Instead of worn and tired pieces, however, this suite included new and attractive high end furnishings, as well as luxury Italian homeware throughout. As you both relaxed in and admired the beautiful space, you realized that it had been years since you had made any updates to your home. The trip then turned into an opportunity to look at the high end modern furniture and the wide variety of luxury italian homeware pieces that were located throughout the property.
In fact, after returning from that trip to Phoenix updating the furnishings in your dated home became a priority.
Even a Few High End Updates Can Have a Huge Impact on Your Home and Attitude
When was the last time that you spent money or energy updating your home or office? Although many people think of home furnishings as completely functional items, they can also have a powerful effect on your mood and your energy. Making purchases of luxury Italian homeware and other kinds of high end Italian furniture, in fact, can do more than improve the appearance of your home, it can also improve your outlook when you start each day.
Did you know, for instance, that as many as 60% of high end luxury furniture and home furnishings customers look for items that make them feel both calm and comfortable? The next time that you find yourself dreading the start of another boring day or week, maybe you should use this as an opportunity to join the Americans who contributed to the fact that furniture and home furnishings stores generated nearly $101.41 billion in sales in the year 2013.

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