Five Tips for Purchasing High End Italian Furniture

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Italian fashion has been a preferred home design for many years. Italian craftsmanship is known for its high quality materials and attention to detail. If you are currently in the market for new furniture, you are likely to find that European style furniture gives you both style and comfort. These additional buying tips will also help you choose the perfect furniture to furnish your home.

Choose a furniture material that fits with your living situation

If you have small children or pets, buying an expensive leather couch may not be the best idea. High end furnishings are possible in child friendly homes, as long as you purchase the right type of furniture. Choose something that does not wear easily and that can be cleaned. If you opt for fine Italian furniture, make sure you have a warranty and find out how to safely clean it. You can also choose Italian leathers for rooms that do not get as much child traffic, such as your bedroom.

Test out the comfort of your furniture before purchasing

While style is important, so is the comfort. Italian craftsmanship is usually of the highest quality, but that does not mean that you will find it comfortable. It is best to take a visit to your local high end gifts and furniture store and try out a couple of different types of furniture. Test out the furniture. Sit on the couch as you would at home. Lay down on the bed as if you were trying to go to sleep. Approximately 60% of high end home furnishing customers look for items that make them feel calm and comfortable.

Always look for sales and other discounts

High quality Italian craftsmanship comes at an increased price. If you want the highest quality of something, you are going to have to pay for it. This doesn?t mean that you cannot look for discounts and sales. Many Italian craftsmanship stores and high end furniture locations have sales, just as any other furniture store does. If you shop at the right time, when stores are getting ready for the next season of inventory, you can usually get a good deal. Furniture and home furnishings stores generated about 101.41 billion U.S. dollars? worth of sales in 2013. Avoid impulse shopping for the best deal.

Always add the furniture protection plan

Most furniture retailers will provide you with an optional furniture protection plan. This means that they will cover any breaks, spills, or tears in the furniture. You may be tempted to avoid this purchase to save money, but it can also be a financially smart purchase. If something were to happen to your high end furniture, it would immediately lose its value. If you add the optional protection plan, however, the furniture retailer will correct the problem for free.

Buy entire room sets

When you visit an Italian furniture store, you are likely to notice that the inventory is set up by room. This is a great way to see which pieces fit together nicely. Many retailers will also offer discounts to the customers that purchase the entire room set. The individual pieces of the room are usually of the same design, meaning if you enjoy one piece, you are likely to enjoy the accompanying pieces. Even Millennials are shopping in this all inclusive way. Millennials? share of all buyers in 2012 was a mere 14%, but in 2014, Millennials comprised 37% of all households buying furniture and bedding, making them the largest buying generation.

Furnishing even a single room in your house can be a process. You have to find the right piece of furniture that is made with high quality materials and that is also comfortable. You also have to factor in your lifestyle and if there are any young children or pets in the house. Shopping by room and looking for sales is a great way to purchase high quality furniture, at a lowered price.

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