Blind Installation for Your Home

Did you recently purchase blinds? Do you want to install them yourself? This video about blind installation will walk you through the steps on how to install two-inch faux wood blinds.

The blind installation process is very simple and will make a dramatic difference in your space. Before you get started you will first need to acquire a few basic tools.

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You will need a cordless drill, pen or pencil, a tape measure, and a set of blinds. If you haven’t purchased your blinds yet, you will want to measure the inside of your window to ensure you purchase the right size. Most windows are a standard size, but if you have an odd window size you can go to your local home center and they will be able to custom cut the blinds to your size.

If you have never hung blinds before, or just want to make sure you install them correctly, then this video will help you tremendously. Blind installation is an easy and quick process to accomplish. Watch the full video to see step-by-step how to install your blinds at home yourself. Don’t forget to subscribe for more home tips!


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