Botox Is Safe, Efficient And Easy Here’s How It Works

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While Botox treatment may seem a lifestyle change fit only for rich celebrities, the fact of the matter is quite different — Botox is a common medical procedure used to correct and treat everything from hair removal to wrinkle treatment to skin issues. Botox can use either lasers or a toxin that, when reduced to a proper dosage, is a successful and therapeutic solution to many skin, muscle and hair issues. It’s used for cosmetic purposes as much as medical, with the U.S. industry growing at an estimated 1.5% annually from 2008 to 2013. The average length of treatment takes 30 minutes and many patients return to their clinic of choice multiple times for follow-through treatment or additional touch-ups. Keep reading to learn more about this fascinating industry, the many uses of Botox treatment and how you can benefit from it!

Botox Statistics In The U.S.

The Botox industry in the United States is a large one indeed, employing almost 6,000 people and generating almost $600 million of revenue each year. It’s estimated around 4,000 hair removal businesses are in the United States alone and they do everything from adjust stubborn eyebrows, reduce upper lip hair and use highly specialized lasers to permanently remove hair from unwanted places. It’s not uncommon for Botox patients to be older, averaging between 40 and 59, and the majority of laser hair removal patients said they would invest in the procedure again. Botox can even be used to reduce chronic pains like migraines and eye spasms. Botox may seem complicated and expensive, but it’s actually quite routine and the effects are long-lasting, simple and satisfying!

What Is Right For You?

Everyone has different desires and needs and there are at least a few options for everybody. Some people want to get rid of some wrinkles around their eyes due to aging, some are sick of brown spots and yet more are looking to reduce the amount of times they shave with some permanent hair removal. Those with a history of heart disease or blood disorders should double-check with their doctor before setting an appointment for Botox treatment. While skin rejuvenation is satisfying and guaranteed to turn many heads, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be safe in the process. Botox treatments are safe, efficient and long-lasting, so look into a certified clinic in your area if you’re itching for positive change!

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