Classic Beaded Lighting

Unusual floor lamps

Homeowners generally take a lot of pride in their homes, and thus, will invest thousands of dollars into making them more aesthetically pleasing. Thus, they will spend considerable amounts of money to update or fully renovate their kitchens, bathrooms, exteriors, and landscapes. However, when it comes to the expression of true style, it often times comes down to the small things, such as decorative chandelier shades and bead shade night lights. Bead shade night lights and chandeliers have been used for hundreds of years, and when used tastefully, they can add considerable attractive style to almost any home. Thus, bead shade night lights can add a subtle touch of elegance to the aura of your home.

Although beads are not usually valuable, their beauty and general decorative qualities have been highly regarded for centuries. However, throughout history, beads, such as those used in bead shade night lights and chandeliers were made from a variety of materials that included sea shells, ivory, stone, egg shells, animal teeth, pottery, wood, tortoise shells, and bone. Considering that some of these materials are difficult to get, and even rare, beads did possess value for people throughout the past. As such, certain cultures, such as the early Native Americans, would often use beads as money, and use them to trade for spices, ivory, animal pelts, and, unfortunately, slaves. However, today, beads are essentially limited to making cheap jewelry, projects for kids, and bead shade night lights and chandeliers.

Given the fact that chandeliers have grown in popularity, they are not only common in dining rooms and foyers, but as a means of providing kitchen lighting, as well. While beads no longer are used as a form of currency, the fact that they are still attractive remains. As such, they are still commonly used in beaded night light shades and in chandeliers. However, one must also remember that it is possible to over do it with beads, and thus, there is a fine line between good taste and gaudiness. Of course, the tastes of different people vary, and therefore what is good taste to some people may be bland to others, and vice verse. Regardless of personal taste though, bead shade night lights and beaded chandeliers can add considerable charm to almost any dining room, kitchen, or hallway.

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