Composite Toe Vs Steel Toe Which Is For You?

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If your job requires you to wear safety boots, you might be asking a lot of questions. Which brand makes comfortable boots that are also big on protection? Which work boots double as waterproof boots? How are desert boots or police boots different than boots used by the everyday construction worker? Or, you might be asking the most commonly asked question. Which is the winner in the composite toe vs steel toe safety boot fight?

First, it’s best to state why safety boots are needed. There are 26 bones, 107 ligaments, and 33 joints in the average foot. Those are a lot of things that are susceptible to breaking and pulling. A safety boot helps protect the susceptible foot. In addition, it helps your wallet too. Even just a 10and reduction to injuries caused by accidents at work can cause a yearly saving count of $60,000. If that wasn’t enough incentive for employers to worry about foot injuries at work, the OSHA also makes them all conduct a hazard assessment to lower the chance of injuries too.

But how do you protect your foot and self from harm. In the composite toe vs steel toe debate, which is better? Well, let’s take a look at both and see.

We’ll look at the composite toe first. They are the younger boot in the argument and are getting popular quickly. It’s made out of non-metal materials like carbon fiber, plastic, Kevlar and more. This type of material has a lot of benefits to it. For instance, if you have a job that passes through metal detectors than this type of material is better suited to you. Also, if you’re a electrician these shoes are more preferable. There is less chance of conducting electricity and harming yourself.

In addition, this material is a better feel. For outdoor work in both tepid and extreme conditions these shoes are great. Since there’s no metal to work with the shoes won’t burn in hot weather or freeze up in cold weather. In addition, the material is so light that the shoe feels lighter as well.

As for the second in the composite toe vs steel toe debate, it’s a classic. This type of safety toe has been around for years. While the composite toe may feel nicer, the steel toe offers more protection. In addition, they are less expensive. Every year employees spend about $70 dollars on safety shoes. Do you wanna spend more than that on composite toe boots, which cost more in order to make up for the expense of making the material?

At the end of the day, the type of boot that you should buy really depends on the type of work you’ll be doing. That said, when thinking about the composite toe vs steel toe debate you should ultimately be thinking convenient but expense vs protective but bulky.

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