Diamonds Are Forever Engagement Rings and Jewelery

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Diamonds have been around since about 500 BC and in today’s world, America buys nearly half of the world’s gem quality diamonds. In fact, only about twenty percent of all diamonds mined meet gem quality standards. Some are made available in art deco inspired designs, others in bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, engagement rings and more. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and there is typically nothing better than a pair of diamond earrings for women. But, if one is really trying to make a statement, look no further than diamond engagement rings or art deco inspired engagement rings.

Engagement rings are some of the best selling items in the jewelry industry and rightfully so as the US wedding industry can generate about $40 billion dollars in revenue, each year. Art deco inspired engagement rings are some of the most popular choices, but the choices are unlimited with green emerald engagement rings, emerald engagement rings vintage, cushion cut diamond engagement rings, vintage diamond engagement rings and much, much more.

To be husbands don’t always have to make the decision alone either, over sixty percent of significant others consult their would be wives before choosing engagement rings. If marriage isn’t in the future, do not over look emerald jewelry, platinum eternity rings for women or a stunning tennis diamond bracelet to remind the person in your life just how special they are.

Besides being the hardest natural substance on Earth, diamonds help make the jewelry industry go round. This is an industry that employs about two hundred thousand people in the US alone. Diamonds and jewelry go hand in hand with one another, and can be some of the most beautiful possessions in the world. Art deco inspired engagement rings and jewelry are usually a favorite among consumers and it is because of their flawless designs that the trend has been around since the 1920s!

Diamonds, jewelry and engagement rings are some of the best gift items one can receive, but they also have lasting value as they can passed down from generation to generation. This truly makes them a gift that lasts forever. When you want to show a loved one just how important they are to you, there is no better gift idea than jewelry and diamonds.

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