Do You Need to Clean Out Your Closets and Drawers This Holiday Season?

This is the time of year when many families are spending time sorting through closets, dressers, and drawers. For many families, the intent of these activities is making sure that there is enough room to make space for new presents. Teenagers with new ponytail caps, young moms with colored slouchy beanies, and summer visors for girls who like to spend their summers at camp riding horses are all excited about the new gifts that they have received. Finding room for all of these items in an already crowded house, however, can be a challenge.

Whether you received three new long sleeve shirts that you can wear to work or two more crochet beanies in your favorite school colors, it is important to find the space that you need for the new items that you have been given.
Have Your Christmas Gifts Caused You to Clean Put Your Dressers, Drawers, and Closets?

A closet full of long sleeve shirts will not serve a real purpose if they are so crowded into your closet that they are wrinkled when you want to wear them. Messy bun beanies are not going to look great when you go to the game next Friday if you cannot find them in a too crowded closet.

The latest research indicates that more than 80 billion articles of clothing are produced and sold around the world every year. And while there are indeed families who are in need of some of these items, the fact of the matter is that there are also many people who do not need one more item of clothing in their homes.

Americans are consummate consumers. In fact, there are some of us who never feel like we have enough. We always want one more pair of jeans one more long sleeve shirt the color of our favorite college football team. For those of us who are always wanting more, it should come as no surprise that there is a limit to the number of items that we can have in our homes. Even as the storage industry entices us with plastic containers that go on sale this time of the year and large spaces that can be rented on a monthly basis, it is important to realize that there has to be a limit to the number of things that we bring into our homes.

Back to School Clothing Purchases Are Common for Many Families

Besides Christmas and birthdays, another time when many of us find ourselves sorting though a number of old clothes to make room for new is the beginning of the new school year. In fact, there are a number of states who even offer tax free shopping on school items as the new year approaches. From new athletic shoes for gym class and sports workouts to dress long sleeve shirts for band and choir concerts, there really are some things that we need when a new school year starts.

Finding room for all of those new things, however, can be a challenge if you do not first take the time to get rid of the items that no longer fit or no longer are in fashion. The latest statistics indicate that the back-to-school shopping season is the second-largest seasonal shopping period of the year when it is measured in terms of consumer spending. In fact, clothing accounts for as much as 55% of the budget for back to school purchases in the U.S. Being able to keep all of those new items organized, however, is a challenge if you do not take the time to organize the items you currently have.

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